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Castaway – A Real Life Insurance Scenario

We’ve all seen Castaway, right? Tom Hanks’ plane crashes, he ends up stranded on a deserted tropical island for four years with an inanimate volleyball named Wilson as his only friend and courageously sails his way off the island. Now, I don’t consider myself to be an emotional crybaby but the scene where Tom Hanks realizes he […]

New Health Insurance, Now What?

New Health Insurance, Now What? 1. Understand your Health Care Coverage Take some time to acquaint yourself with the costs and fees of your shiny, new policy. The points of your policy you’ll want to know inside and out are: co-pays, emergency room fees, prescription coverage and your annual deductible. Understanding these fees and terms […]

What is Open Enrollment?

It’s me, Justin. Your bearded benefits guy. Changing it up a bit today. Usually, I’m talking to business owners. The people setting up the benefits plans. But today, I’m talking to everyone else. That means you. The person using the benefits plan. Why? Two words: open enrollment.

Life Insurance -What It Is And What It Isn’t

Let me be the very first to welcome you to September which is national life insurance month! I know super exciting right? But it is super important. So, I want to drop a little knowledge on you about what life insurance is and what it isn’t. As they used to say in GI Joe, knowing […]

5 Key Reasons You Should Rethink Your Employee Benefits Plan

Group benefits are about more than just employee health insurance. In this video, our own Bearded Benefits Guy, Justin Wilfley, drops some beneficial knowledge. He’s going to explain how group benefits are an important aspect of your business’ success.

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