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Life Insurance

Life insurance isn't for you.
It's for those who depend on you.

80% of consumers think that life insurance is more expensive than it really is.

2015 Insurance Barometer Study, LIMRA

life Insurance, term life, whole life, Insurance policy
life Insurance, term life, whole life, Insurance policy

What is life insurance?

None of us like to talk about or think about it. It’s an uncomfortable subject because it means thinking about our own mortality. Life insurance offers some financial security for those you’ve left behind by providing financial compensation in the event of death for things like funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and help with future expenses. Life insurance can help cover all of that.

Some Common Questions Regarding Life Insurance

Doesn't life insurance require a medical exam?

It depends on the policy. Some do. Some do not. It’s not uncommon at all to be able to purchase life insurance without a medical exam.

How much do I need?

It depends on your needs. Do you just need to cover funeral expenses? Are you leaving behind a mortgage and living expenses that your spouse struggle to meet? Our experts can help you calculate how much life insurance you really need based on your unique situation.

Don't I get this through my employer?

You might. There may be a policy you’ve signed up for as part of your employer’s benefits package. It may be enough. Or, it may not. You’re not limited to that policy. We can help you supplement that to ensure your beneficiaries are taken care of.

Do I really need it?

If someone is dependent on you taking care of them, you do. If you don’t have enough in your estate to cover funeral expenses, you do. 99% of the time, life insurance is a sound decision. 

Are You Covered?

That’s why we’re here. Fill out the form and our team will help you get the coverage you need.

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