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Renters and auto policies go together like a great duo – best friends or dinner and a movie. It just makes sense. If your renters and auto policy isn’t bundled, you might be missing out on some paired premium discounts – and that can mean missing out on savings.

Benefits to bundling renters and auto

A multi-policy play (bundling) on your renters and auto coverage has a few benefits, such as:

  • Saves money on premiums
  • Streamlines the claims process
  • Makes for less complicated billing (usually just one statement)
  • Provides potential future discounts as your coverage needs change (like valuable items coverage endorsements or buying a home)
  • Creates a single point of contact for ongoing protection advice
  • Keeps you in the know on other policy suggestions (we’ve got your policy history)

Consolidating insurance can help to provide a better long-term snapshot, too. When your coverage needs change, you’ve got just one call to make for questions and advice on how to protect your next move. Easy.

Now that you’re aware of the potential for savings and service, give us a ring.

Contact us for a renters and auto quote

Reach out for a quote on your auto and renters insurance and see what kind of discounts are offered when they’re part of a great pair. You might be surprised at the savings while potentially expanding your coverage options.

Looking to expand your renters and auto coverage even more?

Ask us about a personal umbrella policy to increase policy limits across both your renters and auto – it’s usually less expensive than increasing limits on the separate policies.

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