Michelle Gale-Serena

Michelle Gale-Serena’s expertise in the area of Senior Products; Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental, Vision and Life insurance make her a real asset to her clients. They are always assured of having the best insurance plan to fit their needs. Michelle’s organizational and customer service skills make her vital to the success of this agency and to the confidence her customers have in their insurance programs.

Michelle is a Preferred Agent for Health Alliance Medicare Advantage plans for McLean, LaSalle, Kankakee and Livingston County. Her knowledge of the Medicare products is a great asset when assisting those who are just turning 65 or are currently covered by Medicare.
Although her background is in travel, Michelle has several years’ experience in the servicing of health insurance accounts. Just to keep a small part of her background, Michelle does offer a line of travel insurance for the agency.

Michele Gale-Serena

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