Lumber Dealers Insurance

Insurance for wood products and building material industries.

Snyder Insurance has been helping insure wood products and building material industries for over 15 years. We understand the risks that are involved when you are working with and around wood products and building materials.  Over the years we have helped over 50+ businesses in the lumber industry find the insurance that is right for them! 


What kind of insurance products does your business need?

Great question and the answer comes down to identifying the kind of risks inherent to your specific business. No business is the same which is why we work with you to discover what coverage your business needs and which provider is best suited for your needs. A retailer is not going to have the same risk as let’s say a sawmill, so why should they have the same policy? You’re right, they shouldn’t. There’s not a blanket solution and a cookie cutter approach is not going to work. You know what is? A conversation between your insurance agent.

This flexibility is the benefit of working with a independent brokerage. We’re able to look at your specific needs, ask you the questions that matter, and then find the right policy for you.

What kind of businesses do we insure?

  • Builders Risk (For current insureds)
  • Building Material Dealers
  • Cabinet Showrooms
  • Concentration Yards
  • Drywall Distributors
  • Electrical Suppliers
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Exterior Doors & Windows (Property only)
  • Fence Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers
  • Furniture Stores (Unfinished furniture only)
  • Hardware Stores
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Home Centers
  • HVAC Supplies
  • Imported Wood Products
  • Insulation Distributor
  • Interior Doors
  • Landscape Supplies
  • Lumber Brokers (Jobbers)
  • Lumberyards (Retail/Wholesale)
  • Masonry Yards
  • Plastic/Composite Lumber
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Roofing & Siding Distributors
  • Wood Imports
  • Bat Manufacturing (Property only)
  • Bed Frame Manufacturing
  • Bobbin Manufacturing
  • Bookcase Manufacturing
  • Box & Crate Manufacturing
  • Cabinet & Casegoods Manufacturing
  • Cable Reel Manufacturing
  • Carpentry Shops (Property only)
  • Casket Manufacturing (Wood as the primary component)
  • Church Pew & Altar Manufacturing
  • Countertop Manufacturing
  • Decoys
  • Display & Exhibit Manufacturing
  • Door Assembly
  • Dowel Manufacturing
  • Fence Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing with Upholstery
  • Handle Manufacturing
  • Ladder Manufacturing (Property only)
  • Laminated Wood Products
  • Lathe Mills
  • Millwork Manufacturing
  • Mobile/Modular Home Manufacturing
  • Modular Closet Shelving Units
  • Moulding & Millwork
  • Musical Instruments Manufacturing
  • Pattern Shops
  • Picture Frames
  • Playground Equipment (Property only)
  • Shutter Manufacturing
  • Stair Manufacturing
  • Store Fixtures Display Manufacturing
  • Truck & Trailer Flooring
  • Truss Manufacturing (Wood only)
  • Window Assembly (Property only)
  • Wood Carving
  • Wood Flooring Manufacturing
  • Wood Novelties Manufacturing
  • Wood Products Manufacturing (NOC)
  • Wood Treating (No creosote)
  • Woodturning Shops
  • Wooden Blinds
  • Woodworking Shops
  • Woodworking with Finishing
  • Barrel Manufacturing (Cooperage)
  • Debarker Mills
  • Log Home Manufacturer
  • Pallet Manufacturing (New)
  • Pallet Manufacturing (Reconditioning – only if best in class)
  • Particle, Chipboard, OSB Manufacturing
  • Planing Mills
  • Plywood Manufacturing
  • Resaw Operations
  • Sawmills with Logging
  • Sawmills without Logging
  • Shingle Mills
  • Veneer Mills
  • Wood Drying (Kilns)
  • Wood-Mizer/Portable Sawmills
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Here are a few common coverages that you may need:

For more information or assistance with your policy, give us a call at (877) 725-1800.